West Broadway’s One-stop Optical Store for Convenience & Satisfaction

At On Time Optical, we want your shopping experience for prescription lenses, sunglasses and contact lenses to meet your needs, budget and, above all, to be convenient in our funky showroom.

For this reason, we have a trained optician to perform sight testing directly in our optical store. If you have healthy eyes, and are between the ages of 19 and 65, we can easily confirm your corrective prescription with our automated digital refraction system.

We like to remind you that our in-house sight testing is conducted by a licensed refracting optician trained specifically to conduct automated vision testing. Sight testing doesn’t replace your regular eye health exam, as prescribed by your eye doctor. For healthy eyes, sight testing in our office is an immediate and accurate solution to acquiring your prescription.

In addition to investing in the state-of-the art computer technology for sight testing, we also have an on site lab with the latest digital equipment for finishing lenses. A contact lens fitting with one of our opticians will prepare you for your new visionary experience without frames.

On Time Optical is West Broadway’s funkiest optical store providing you with optical products and services for all budgets and lifestyles with outstanding service.